3D Content for HTML5 WebGLi3D Programming for HTML5 WebGL

Internet Marketing: Internet-based Interactive 3D, also known as i3D, can now be created using HTML5 and WebGL. This allows us to create a wide range of impressive Internet Marketing objectives, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip and WebGL technology. Examples of interactive new media deliverables would include: Virtual Product Marketing Simulations (a functioning i3D virtual product), i3D Brand Marketing Campaigns, i3D Promotional Websites, Technical Marketing Simulations, Virtual World Environments, eCommerce Marketing using WebGL Virtual Products.

Web-Based i3D AdverGames: WebGL and HTML5 is the future of i3D AdverGames and BrandGames which are hosted natively in popular HTML5 browsers on PC, Android, iOS and Blackberry. Since these games are coded using mostly text, which is rendered into interactive animation in real-time on the client-side device using OpenGL ES, a game's data footprint can be under a megabyte. Imagine an AdverGame or a BrandGame as a seamless part of your website!

i3D Website Graphical User-Intefaces (UI): WebGL and HTML5 allow your website to have an interactive 3D user inteface (UI) that integrates seamlessly with your content which is on the same page. This allows for never before done website designs that will take the level of User Experience (UX) on the Internet to an entirely new plateau, setting your web content apart from the competition.

e-Learning and 3D On-Line Training: One exciting application for using WebGL Content with the HTML5 websites and apps involves implementing Interactive 3D technology to embed real-time rendered i3D e-learning simulations. These would allow your end-users to learn interactively on your HTML5 website or HTML5 app regarding any topic they choose, and at their own pace. This would be called "i3D Web Edutainment" and is a phenomena now within the realm of possibility, using open source HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with WebGL, using OpenGL ES 2.0.